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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

G2 Xposed for Android

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Requires Android: 4.2 and up
Complete Nav Bar Customization - Transparent bar - More!
ONLY For the LG G2.

** Must be rooted **
Complete Nav Bar Customization - Transparent bar - More!
Translated into Russian, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, and Hungarian
View screenshot gallery for all the features! -
Too many to list!
- Black status bar
- Brightness and Volume slider remover
- Volume notification pane button to switch modes
- Replaced menu key with recent apps key (Long press for menu key)
- Cleaned up recent apps panel (removed clear and task manager)
- Added menu overflow to all apps
- Added option to remove brightness from notification window
- Added option to remove quick settings from notification window
- Complete navigation bar customization, 7 different key choices
- Navigation key and glow color options
- Navigation bar size selection
- Option to remove either the volume, brightness, or both sliders
- Disable the navigation bar for pie
- New settings layout
- Fixed any system crashes when keyboard was open
- Added an additional 4 long press button actions
- Added blue color to buttons
- Added new help menu
- Added remove carrier label from notification panel
- Fixed any system crashes when keyboard was open
- Added an additional 4 long press button actions
- Added blue color to buttons
- Added new help menu
- Added remove carrier label from notification panel
- New long press volume key music switcher
- Brightness and Volume sliders can now be toggled through the settings button in the notification panel
- Transparent status and navigation bar (Works on your default launcher)
- Black statusbar now merged into colored navigation and status bars
- Navigation buttons can now be customized live (no restart required)
- Hide AM/PM from clock
- Hide clock
- Hide battery icon
- Hide alarm
- Hide Carrier label (in status bar)
- Center Clock
- Ability to completely disable all navigation bar modifications
- Fixed navigation keys from not setting in landscape
- Fixed disabled navbar from showing up in landscape
- Fixed navigation key images not centering vertically
- Peek - Status bar system icons will be hidden until pulled down with the status bar
- Full control over all the system status bar icons
- Ability to set the volume key long press when the screen is off
- Fixed force close on some roms, mainly with the transparency settings on
- Lots of other minor fixes and improvements
- Added ability to change navigation bar key icons
- New color picker options for glow, keys, and status/navigation bar
- Split options for the status and navigation bar colors and transparency levels
- Support added for SplitView mod
- Added toggle to disable status/navigation bar colors
- Small icon next to color pickers for visual flare
- New two finger swipe gesture on status bar to show quick settings and brightness/volume bar
- Live wallpapers now work with the transparent navigation and status bar
- Added torch to volume keys
- New landscape volume key preference. When you rotate your phone sideways it should now use that preference
- Added stock setting to volume key customization. Should fix issues with those who have passlocks on
- Reworked the volume key skip track function, should now play nice with all music apps
- Fixed the long press key from hiding the quicksettings
- Fixed the issue where two finger pull down was not working on some devices
- Completely revamped the look and feel
- New lockscreen settings
- New hide notifications section
- Allow all rotations toggle
- Lots of other changes and improvements
- Support for AOSP devices and roms
- Add kitkat like shadows for the launcher, camera, and lockscreen
- Change button color to white for launcher, camera, and lockscreen
- Massive update!
- Bleed Immersive mode []
- Added KitKat theme by OCK as well an Expanded KitKat Theme
- Added search key
Ran out of space, now on version 2.03
Much more! Look at the in-app change log for all changes
How to install Xposed
1. Download the Xposed Framework from here
2. Install the apk (you will need to allow installs from unknown sources)
3. Open the Xposed Installer, go to the "Framework" section and click on "Install/Update"
4. Reboot your phone

Once your phone has rebooted:
1. Open the Xposed Installer and go to the "Modules" section
2. Enable the module by checking the box next to "Xposed LG G2"
3. Click on "Xposed LG G2" and configure it as you'd like
4. Reboot the phone
Your settings should now be in place-ENJOY

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Download Source:
Download G2 Xposed on Google Play

Download Mirror:
Download G2 Xposed Direct Link

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