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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Compass for Android

Compass-1 Compass-2
This compass is free (contains ads) and starts fast. It’s the most beautiful of all compass apps and supports high definition displays. Download this useful compass now!
+ Starts fast

+ High definition display support
+ Supports magnetic and true north over Wi-Fi an GPS
+ Most beautiful user interface of all compass apps
+ SDCard install support
Your location, fine (GPS) location:
Needed by the compass for calculating the true north.
Network communication, Full Internet access, view network state:
Needed by the compass to download ads from the internet. They are the income stream of the compass developers.
System tools, Prevent phone from sleeping:
Needed by the compass to disable the sleep mode, while the compass is on.
Why is the compass file so big?
Because this compass contains high definition images. But the size shouldn’t be a problem, because the compass can be installed on sdcard.
Why does this compass has ads?
The ads are the income stream of the compass developers and they are the reason why this compass can be free.
Current Version : 1.2.9
Size : 3.4M

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