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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Battery Doctor v4.0.0 for Android

Cover art July 23, 2013 ရက္ေန ့ကထြက္ရွိလာတဲ့ Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) ေလးပါ…
က်ေနာ္တို ့ရဲ့ ဘထၳရီ ေဒါက္တာေလးကို ဗားရွင္းျမင့္ေပးလိုက္ရေအာင္ဗ်ာ… :D

Over 150 million downloads over Android and iOS worldwide.
Battery Doctor,the professional power manager,is the best free battery saving app which is capable of extending your battery life.
•Accurately estimates battery remaining time
•Task Killer that terminates apps that suck up power while not in use
•Unique 3 charge cycle that boosts battery life
•Widgets that improves battery performance
•Accelerates the speed of your device
•Indicates how much battery power will be extended if you shut down Bluetooth/WiFi/etc
•Gives device software and hardware information
Accurately Estimates Remaining Battery Time
Tells how long battery will last under a variety of situations (playing games, wifi on or off, etc)
This Smart Saver Defends Your Juice
This essential app does everything battery related from giving tips of when to charge (and more importantly when not to) to more advanced battery longevity features such as disabling unnecessary apps/hardware that suck up power and using our unique 3 stage charging system. Battery Doctor efficiently protects your battery conveniently.
Professional Charging
This app regulates the manner in which your device is charged with a 3 stage system to ensure you get the most out of your battery and reminds you not to over charge. It also has features that can monitor and regulate power consumption.
Widget Included
“Task Killer” widget will optimize your power consumption conveniently. 4×1 widget which make you easier to manage Wifi, Data, Brightness…etc, and set the saving mode.
Q: Can Battery Doctor save power and extend battery life?
A: Yes
Tap the circle at the home screen (Save Juice) to kill power hog apps that are not currently in use to improve battery life
Run our app while charging to let Battery Doctor manage the process with its unique 3 stage charging system that ensures a longer battery life
Use the “Tasks Killer” widget to optimize your power consumption conveniently
Q: What is a full charge and why does it matter?
A: Batteries have memories, these memories are manipulated by charging habits so the manner in which you charge your device is very important. Plug in your phone when the battery has about 20% remaining and continue to charge until Battery Doctor tells you the 3rd stage of trickle charging is complete. Do not overcharge by keeping your device plugged in nor undercharge by charging in short bursts whenever convenient.
Q: How does “Saving Mode” work?
A: “Saving Mode” is an extreme setting that shuts down all non-essential functions of your phone with exception of making phone calls and sending/receiving text messages. Wifi, Data, GPS, etc will all be shut down to ensure battery life and defend your juice.
Q: How do I set up the widgets?
A: The “Tasks Killer” widget will automatically appear on your home screen with installation. The other widget that monitors wifi/gps/etc can be installed just as any other widget on your device would be set up.
Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) - screenshot Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) - screenshot
Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) - screenshot Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) - screenshot
Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) - screenshot Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) - screenshot
Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) - screenshot Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) - screenshot
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