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Monday, March 4, 2013

Connection Keeper 12.1

Connection Keeper is a simple utility that can avoid Internet disconnection due to inactivity by simulating browsing activities. Especially designed for dial-up users, this application takes the necessary actions to keep your connection active.

The tabbed-based interface offers you quick access to options and allows you to easily configure the program settings. Here, you can specify the number of hours you want the
connection to be kept alive, choose a non-default connection to use and set the frequency (in minutes) when the program simulates Internet usage.

The software can query non-existent URLs (requires less bandwidth) or real addresses that the user defines in the 'Sites List' tab. Although the first option is usually enough to prevent your connection from appearing idle, it might not work with all the Internet Service Providers.

You can also set the query timeout (the amount of time that the program waits for a query to be completed) and the number of seconds before the first query.

The program can read the entire visited page as if you actually open it in a web browser or simply access the URL. Unlike the latter option, the first one takes up bandwidth and it should be considered only if the connection keeps dropping.

Should any error appear when a query is issued, Connection Keeper can be set to notify you, log the errors to a file or send them to you via e-mail.

In addition, Connection Keeper can be set to automatically reconnect to the Internet in case of disconnection and even close some popup that prompt users for feedback on remaining online. When one of the selected popup windows appears, the program can simulate mouse clicks on a button or send it user-defined keystrokes.

Connection Keeper is a simple tool that does not interrupt your work while trying to reconnect to the Internet. Its features can come in handy for those who browse the Web using an unstable connection.

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